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‘’This Could Be Love’’ is the new single from rising star K Zie. 21 year  from South London featured as one of the top 10 artists to look out for by Best of British Unsigned is set to break the UK urban music scene,

His debut single is a pop club banger not just this K Zie is also treating music lovers with special edition which is a deep house remix The singles come with highly creative visuals by Daniel Alexander Films, Multi-award winning Director.

K Zie signed a management deal 12 months ago to help develop his career and brand further with NLP, a platform recognized  within the music business that has created Global opportunities to hard hitting campaigns and projects from conception to completion clients roster included, Imran Khan, Arjun, Bohemia, Mickey Singh and Bally Sagoo to name a few.

This Could Be Love Video Trailer

Here we go people! The official video trailer for This Could Be Love. Full video out this Sunday 22.04.18 and also will be available to download all on digital platforms. Please show all of your love and support to spread the word!

Posted by K Zie on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

To sharpen his vocals and writing skills K Zie attended globally renowned Point Blank Music College (Martin Garrix, Ajun, Leona Lewis, Felix Jaehn). Whilst at the college, K won a competition to write a song for Justin Timberlake’s new album in 2016 and his writing has been gaining attention ever since.

This Could Be Love is K Zie’s first commercial single. He recalls, “When I first got in the studio to write’’ This Could Be Love’’, I wanted to portray a story about two people who want to be together but there are cultural obstacles that make it difficult. It was based on a personal experience, which the producer guessed straight away”.  This Could Be Love produced by UK producer R1CH and Lone Wolf is a fellow young Pakistani talent who has worked alongside global artists such as Fazer, Karl Wolf, Geko and Dappy.

Phil Ramacon Grammy singer and songwriter has described K Zie’s’ voice as having a million dollar tone.

‘’This Could Be Love’’ Available on all digital platforms 22nd April 2018


  • Who do you turn to for career advice ?

I am so lucky to have amazing parents whereby I can speak to them about anything. So when it comes to career advice they are always the first people I seek advice from. In terms of musical career advice, again I have an amazing connection with my manager Ash Kavia so it is really easy for me to speak openly about anything to him.

  • What has been your best coolest experience since being in the industry so far?

I would have to say it would be working with producers and songwriters who have delivered hits for other really successful artists. So for example, one of the producers for This Could Be Love, Lone Wolf has delivered hits for artists such as Geko and Dappy. So this really makes me feel proud but also inspires me further to keep achieving greater success within the industry.

  • Can you recall the moment when you decided, yes the music industry is for you?

I think there has been a few moments where I just felt from that day it was music that I always wanted to do. The first experience was performing a local show at the age of 13. It was just an amazing feel and the buzz you get at the end of performing is something you cannot even describe. The second experience was performing with Jay Sean at my University. This was simply a dream moment and just made me think if I can perform alongside Jay then I can perform with anyone. Lastly, also the feeling you get when you are in the studio making songs is again indescribable and made me feel that this is what I want to do every day of my life.

  • Who would you like to collaborate with musically (dead or alive) ?

I would love to work with Chris Brown. I feel as an artist he is complete. He has great vocal range, vocal tone, he can rap and not only that he is an amazing dancer. So for me he has the whole package and would be a dream to collaborate with him. 

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years’ time, I would love to be in a position where I have had number of successful hits and even a UK number one. I would also like to have a major record deal alongside my name. It would also be great to have my own merchandise line. More importantly, in those 10 years I would want to have matured as an artist, worked with various writers and producers around the world, written songs for other artists and finally remain as humble and grateful as ever.

  • How would you describe your style?

The style of music I like working on is very diverse and ranges from RnB to commercial pop/dance. However, on each track I try to bring a unique vibe through my vocals and writing. The style of my vocals are smooth, soft and sexy.

  • You are a strong believer in education, tell us a bit about your academic qualifications ?

Yes ,I believe education is very important and is key to success in any industry you go into whether that be music, medicine or finance. I have just recently graduated from Queen Mary University with a first class honours in Economics. I feel it is a necessity to have strong academic qualifications as your base as you never know when you may need them.

  • What lessons did your parents teach you?

My parents literally taught me everything. So from respecting people and being humble and down to earth always. They also used to tell me whatever I do just make sure I give 110% and enjoy it. Until today I still can remember what my mum used to tell me, she always said to me never chase success, work hard and success will come after you. So that is exactly what I try to do.

  • You write you own lyrics, what inspired you to come up with the lyrics for    ‘’ THIS COULD BE LOVE’’ ?

This Could Be Love was inspired by something I was personally experiencing in 2017. When I got into the studio I told the producer a concept of a song I had in mind. He stopped me at that moment and simply said who is the girl and could see how passionately I was speaking about the topic. The producer then played me some chords which just sat perfectly with the melodies and lyrics I had in mind for the song. I also felt this is a topic that would affect many boys and girls, whereby many find it difficult to express but also find it difficult to solve the issue. Therefore, I feel a lot of people will be able to connect with this song as I am sure many have come across cultural factors being a hurdle on their relationship. I personally think cultural factors should not be a problem in one’s relationship in the 21st Century. However, instead of it being more a slow song, I wanted to convey the emotions I was feeling in a more upbeat vibe because regardless of whether the relationship lasting or not lasting, some of the best moments we have experienced in life up until now may have been spent with that person. 

  • What motivates you?

I believe my family and friends have been my main inspiration. They have always fully supported me and always motivated me to never give up on the dream of being a highly successful international artist. In addition to this, just hearing great songs really motivates me to get in the studio and write songs of that calibre. 

  1. The video to the sound track is very powerful, did you have an input on the direction of the video?

Yes absolutely, as it was written by myself and based on a personal experience, I spoke to the video director Daniel Alexander and told him what the song was about and what I wanted to portray in the video. Therefore, Daniel combined both his ideas and mine into the treatment of the video. The outcome was exactly how we all pictured it.

  • You are featured in the top 10 artists to look out for by Best of British Unsigned, that is an amazing achievement, how did this come about?

Thank you. I think it was about a year/two years ago I submitted a song I had written and recorded. Somehow it became track of the week for Best of British Unsigned. Later that year then they selected their top 10 unsigned artists and I was included within that. So I am really grateful to Best of British Unsigned for supporting me and my music.

  • How difficult would you say it is for a new comer to enter the music industry? Have you faced any difficulties?

I think it is always slightly difficult when a new artist is trying to break into the music industry. However, I feel you have remain hard working, persistent and always be able to take on board constructive criticism in order to develop into a better artist. Not only that, sometimes it just does not go the way you want it to plan out. For example, some of the difficulties I have faced would be the instance of making the video for This Could Be Love. We actually wanted to shoot the video earlier but the locations we wanted were booked for quite a few weeks in advance so it got delayed. Sometimes also it is very hard as an independent artist to get the notice you want and therefore I am really grateful to everyone who has supported me from my friends, family, manager to radio, Tv and all other media outlets. I think it is so important to get the support of radio, tv and press when you are a new artist and so I am really thankful to them for supporting my music.

  • To achieve what you have to date you must have to discipline yourself, so what is K Zie’s daily routine?

Ermm, so on a daily basis I always do singing practice during the day. I also then learn the piano so I can develop my musical skills further. Then in the late afternoon I would go gym and work on that aspect. Then when I would get back I would either be rehearsing my songs or writing more lyrics. Whilst I was university, I would make sure I balanced my time accordingly. So during the day I would do all my university work and then in the evenings and weekends focus on music.

  • Would you say it is difficult for Asian artist’s to break into main steam?

It is to an extent but is definitely achievable as Jay Sean showed us all. I definitely do think this depends on the artist and managements vision. Honestly, if you are making great music then you always have a chance to break into the mainstream. So personally, when I am making a song I am not looking to tailor it at one market, I simply make sure it is just a great song that will appeal to everyone of all different ages.

  • What would you say it takes to succeed in the music industry?

I personally believe you need to extremely hard working and hungry for success. In addition to this I think you need to be able to handle criticism well and be mentally strong in order to succeed in the music industry. Also, I think you need to be unique in your sound.

  • What do you want to accomplish in the next part of your career?

For me right now as an artist I want to keep putting out really good songs and being consistent. Also, I want to keep developing as an artist musically, lyrically and as a performer. On route to all of these things, if I could secure a record deal then I think that would really top it off.

  • What has been the hardest point in your career to date?

I don’t think there have been so many hard points as of yet, but I am sure there will be some in the future. If I had choose one so far, it would probably be related to the writing of lyrics. What I mean is when you writing a song, so let say it was based on something personal then making sure you get across your point but still have that commercial feel in the record. Therefore, making sure you can connect with your listeners but at the same time allow the song to still sound fresh and current.

  • Phil Ramacon Grammy singer and songwriter has described your voice as having a million dollar tone. What a complement, how does that make you feel?

Yes that was such a great compliment because Phil really does know his stuff. He has written some great hits for Boyz to men. I still recall the moment where he just went to the class, mark my words I do not mean to be rude to anyone in the class but this boy has a million dollar tone. I remember going up to him after the day had finished and asking what did he mean. He just said you have beautiful tone of voice and the tone was as good as many successful artists in the music industry. So yes that was something that did make me feel really proud and inspire me to keep going but at the same time made me focus on bringing out my tone even more when recording songs.

  • And finally ‘’THIS COULD BE LOVE’’ releases worldwide on Sunday 22nd April, what message do you have for your fan’s

Guys, please show all the support you have for the single. Make sure you download the single, stream it on Spotify, watch the official video on YouTube and of course share it with all your friends and family. Thank you for all your support you have shown so far, please keep showing your love and I promise you I will do whatever it takes to keep delivering hit after hit!



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