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International and Nepalise Model-Anita Limbu

International and Nepalise Model -Anita limbu Diaries

Anita Limba
Designer- Agnes Krivanics Pics were from the independent London fashion week designer association (ILFWDA)

I am Anita  currently working as part time model and beauty therapist. Modelling world to me, “How perfect and beautiful it looks from outside it is as tougher and harder job from inside.”

You don’t have fix schedule and you have to travel places and do late night shifts but its all worth when you get recognized and appreciated by your work.

anita Lumba

Being born and raised in Nepal I had never thought about modelling in UK, though I always used to like being centre of attraction and being on media. I used to watch a lot of Bollywood and Nepali movies in my childhood and I used to perform Bollywood dances in school functions and festivals.

anita lumba

Dancing and singing is another hobby besides modelling.

anita Lima

After I passed my higher secondary level education in Nepal I also worked as a teacher for primary student in Nepal and also used to teach dance to my youngers and their friends for occasions and festivals.

Anita Limba

After I moved to UK,  I thought about using my skills and talent for some good purpose so I started to get involved in social functions and dance for charity shows and some people whom I meet in the functions used to ask me if I am a model they used to compliment me saying “I look beautiful “.

Anita Lima

I used to fantasize about being a model but never though about it seriously but when people used to compliment me something clicked on my mind,  and one day I was sitiing,  looking for job as I was not happy with my current job I was working as trainee dental nurse at that time .

Anita Lambia

I saw an advertisement that a runway show was looking for the runway models and I applied there and they replied me asking to come for the audition but I didn’t have time to go for the audition so I send them video casting and then they selected me.

Anita Limba

Then I went for the show walking for nearly 8  different designers was hectic but I enjoyed every moment of it. After the show I got the chance for modelling in Afro beat music video.

Then I participated in Miss Sparkling Beauty UK representing Swindon where I ended up being first runner up in Miss category and winning the titles like Miss Charity Supreme and Miss talent. Then I auditioned for the 10th season of oxford fashion week and I got the chance to model for Oxford Fashion Week in 2016 .

anita limba
Designer :Sandra Ten-Chino Photography:Ioana Mitroi MUA : Messam Karen — with Carly Flint, Anita Limbu and Ana Beatriz Maillet Ward.

After that when I went to Nepal in 2017 I did several runways and some music videos.

I have also sang nepali pop song called Yo Jindagi which was written and composed by myself too. Its available in youtube and I have also done the commercial photoshoots for clothing brands like squish house collection, Sandylou Bridal Wear and Fluerangelic in UK and been published in national newspapers in Nepal and Internationally like London Le Blanc Magazine and world class model magazine and London Runway Magazine.

My friends and myself are featured in this magzine -Agata Świątek Connor McEwan Aneliya Ani Anita Limbu Stacey Syiem Michael Lombard Hiba ZolieParadise Rodriguez.


Then I also did 2 shows of London fashion weeks recently in Feburary 2018. One of the show was organised by Independent designer association in London (ILFWDA) in the world famous iconic- Waldorf Hilton in Central London

A Touch Of Gems jewellery wirral- Anita Limbu at The Waldorf Hilton London.
A Touch Of Gems jewellery wirral- Anita Limbu at The Waldorf Hilton London.

Anita Lima

I also modelled on the show was SM global catwalk in Clayton Hotel.

Anita Limba

sm global catwalk

Tq indreni saptahik for my news coverage👍 #londonfashionweek#ilfwda#smglobal#fashionshows#
Tq indreni saptahik for my news coverage👍

anita limba

London Fashion Week 2018 | ILFWDA show

#emagphotoshoot#Late post

Posted by Anita Limbu on Monday, March 5, 2018

Swindon Papers

The future looks promising – I am preparing to release another music video where you can also see a British actor from movie Empire of the Shark  with Jack Armstrong,  and  I have a few modelling projects are yet to be finalised.


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