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Blockchain Summit- The facts

Blockchain Summit is a leading conference and exhibition dedicated to the impact of Blockchain on industry.

Blockchain has revolutionised the way we transfer digital assets. By using an open decentralised system, transactions can take place securely and quickly with no need for a third party provider. But what impact is blockchain having across the industry and what are the next applications for this technology?

Having experienced phenomonal growth, Blockchain Summit’s unrivalled content and exceptional networking opportunities saw over 3,000 delegates pre‐register for its 2017 event. Blockchain summit is about “total” blockchain. The summit’s unique agenda has been specifically created to answer these questions and provides you with the perfect platform to discuss the future of blockchain with other technology-focused peers. No other all blockchain event can boast the size, scale and platform of blockchain summit.

Blockchain Summit London is built around an unparalleled programme of visionary speakers and case studies. Join in round table discussions, facilitated business meetings and hosted networking sessions provide exceptional opportunities for attendees to connect with industry leaders and innovators.



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