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DVD Film Review of Sachin – A Billion Dreams 

DVD Film Review of Sachin – A Billion Dreams

Check out our dvd film review of  Sachin – A Billion Dreams

Sachin – A Billion Dreams brings the marvel of Sachin Tendulkar to the silver screen, with the legend himself at the heart of the filmic process. It charts the back story and phenomenon of a national treasure that has inspired generations. Beyond his home country, Tendulkar is celebrated globally as one of the most iconic sports heroes in history. Produced by Ravi Bhagchandka of 200 Not Out and Shrikant Bhasi of Carnival Motion Pictures, and helmed by Emmy-nominated James Erskine.

A tale of a restless 10-year-old boy and his journey from watching India’s first World Cup winning skipper Kapil Dev lift the trophy, to the fulfillment of his dream of holding it in his hands for India. He is the most celebrated sportsperson in India, a virtuous hero who created an era, which Indians are proud of. The film captures Tendulkar’s dedication to cricket and his personal life in dramatic detail, as well as reveals aspects of his life which have never been heard or seen before.

James Erskine has made a film that explores three clear strands — how did this boy become perceived as a god, who is the real man behind the god, how was Sachin’s journey (and iconic status) a result of the massive shifts in Indian culture, cricket and media over the past 30 years. The director cleverly features real footage, including clips from his matches and interviews with colleagues and family and present day stars including Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni and mega fan Amitabh Bachchan. It uses actors to recreate some scenes from the 44-year-old’s childhood in Mumbai. There are personal moments in the film and some family footage. He shows cleverly the inner and outer world of this legend, thus giving his fans something more than what they have seen in the last 24 years. We also find out what was going through his mind at pivotal moments in his life.

The director should be applauded in giving us a riveting docudrama that reveals new aspects about his life. We may know the stats, you might know how he performed in certain matches, but you don’t know what happens when he goes off-stage, in his house — his private life, his hopes, dreams, his highs and sorrows. A fabulous job done by the director for showing us the close knit family man, that shows us the story of the man, and while cricket is a huge part of his life, it is just one chapter. 

Sachin is shown as a simple and humble man who has struck a chord with not just every Indian, but indeed every Cricket playing nation in the world .We see his glory being the subject of inspiration and pride for all in India. The docudrama shows him put against the finest in the world at an age when you and I were still struggling to be able to stand on our feet effectively .He not just stood with the greatest, but to implant in them the strength of his immense talent and skill, is not a historic moment, but one that moments’ history. The film shows his command of the game is of course beyond all doubt.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams” is an Indian biographical film based on the life of Indian cricket icon and living legend Sachin Tendulkar. You will laugh at his antics as a child, through to his dogged determination of being one of the greatest sports stars in the world. Also will be let into his private world where he says he likes Hindi songs and marvel how Bollywood film style he met his wife and fell in love.

Come and see the man, the myth and the legend like you have never seen him before. The film has a great sound track that helps in telling this exceptional story of a young child who dreamed and conquered the world of cricket with aplomb!

Get ready for a emotional high , the film is excellent and has knocked it for a six.

You will leave saying Sachin, Sachin, Sachin!


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