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Interview with Art Malik on being a trustee for The Graham Layton Trust Charity

We at The Showbiz Life have been lucky enough to interview International charasmatic heart throb Art Malik on his role as a trustee of the Graham Layton Trust, a charity committed to the free treatment of curable blindness and visual impairment in Pakistan.

The Graham Layton Trust (GLT), will be celebrating Ramadan this May with exclusive gala dinners on May 5th in Croydon and May 12th in Manchester hosted by international actor and GLT Trustee, Art Malik.

The first dinner will be held at the Grand Sapphire Hotel in Croydon on May 5th, and Manchester’s luxurious Vermilion will play host to GLT’s second dinner on May 12th, with all proceeds going towards GLT. 

Actor and GLT Trustee, Art Malik, says: “The Graham Layton Trust is the largest provider of free eye-care in Pakistan and does life-changing work, so it’s an honour for me to host the charity’s two Ramadan dinners this May, as well as work as a Trustee. Alongside marking this sacred time, we will be celebrating the incredible impact that GLT has had in transforming the lives of over 37 million of Pakistan’s most needy people.”

Since launching in 1985, GLT and its sister charity, Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust have worked to treat over 37 million cases of curable blindness and visual impairment by providing high quality free eye surgery and ophthalmic care for those who cannot afford it. In doing so, GLT has helped to restore dignity, independence and hope to some of Pakistan’s poorest and most marginalised people.

GLT has developed a network of 19 hospitals, 56 clinics and outreach centres across Pakistan, enabling the treatment of people in urban centres and isolated rural areas, which have poor healthcare facilities. The charity also invests in teaching and training doctors and technicians in the latest eye-care treatments, as well as the latest technology and equipment to ensure patients receive the best clinical care.

Below is a snap shot a short question and answers with Art Malik.

Press: How did you get involved with The Graham Layton Trust Charity?

Art Malik: I became involved as a trustee with the Graham Layton Trust by being told about them by my accountant who was a trustee. He told me about the fabulous work the Trust does. t was also told by my brother that our late father who as an eye surgeon helped with the same trust back in 1984.

Press: Have you been out to Pakistan to see for your self the fabulous difference the charity makes to peoples lives?

Art Malik: Yes I have been both to Karachi and Lahore to see what a difference the charity makes to peoples lives in a country like Pakistan which has a lot of people who suffer from eye problems.The hospital in Karchi sees 1,200 people a day and helps them with cataract operations and retinal disorders. 

Press: What drives you to continue being a trustee of this charity?

Art Malik: I am very inspired by the fact that we help people to see with the fabulous work done byThe Graham Layton Trust.We restore sight and transform lives.

Press: Will you be doing other charity functions other than the ones you are doing on May 5th in London and on May 12th in Manchester?

Art Malik: Yes we will endeavour to do more such shows in Birmingham etc . 

Press: What new Hindi films may we see you in soon?

Art Malik: I am not at a liberty to say which Hindi films I might be in, but I am in the BBC drama Woman in White.

Croydon Ramadan Dinner

Saturday May 5th 2018

Price: £50 pp


Manchester Ramadan Dinner

Saturday May 12th 2018

Price: £35 pp





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