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Tigerzsu Art by Zsuzsi Foroszan

My name is Zsuzsi Foroszan. I was born and brought up in south east Hungary in a small historical town. I have studied and created art since my childhood.


In my various forms of creativity I make ceramic, enamel, digital and paper art, along with crafts, sculptures, short films/documentaries and a bit of photography as well.

I graduated from the University of Kaposvar Faculty of Art, and with my degree became an Art and visual communication teacher shortly afterwards.

I decided to move to London to discover a new culture and improve my English after graduating and teaching.

I have been living in London for over 10 years cultivating , creating and raising my beautiful little girl on my own.


I used to work at Tate Modern Gallery for 6 years, where I received a lot of inspiration for many of my pieces and met many amazing people. In conjunction with my work at Tate I began work as a private art tutor 4 years ago. I’ve been teaching children and adults how to draw and paint for quite sometime.

Since 2013 with the establishment of my art business Tigerzsu Art I have been painting on a quiet a high level and exhibiting my artwork. I’ve done a few group exhibitions in Hungary and all across London.

My main goal through art is to help motivate and encourage people to live a life they love. I live by these words “never give up on your dreams , no matter what your current circumstances are”. Coming from a small Hungarian town where no one in my personal life believed it possible to make a living with my art, I have defied those doubts. I made it happen with loads of hard work, networking, personal development and perseverance throughout tough times.

My aim and biggest dream is to inspire and transform peoples lives throughout the world. Through an art project I run in conjunction with Nourish the Children foundation I support malnourished Children in the 3rd world countries. I donate 10% from each piece of artwork sold.

My dream is to get my fellow artists and entrepreneurs, to commit with an open heart a 10% donation of their commissions/wages to create a better world.I’m a stand for the humanity in human beings so we can all live in peace and with compassion towards each other.

If you would like to book any appointments for Art tutoring, Art coaching , or a personalised piece of art , also available limited edition prints (portraits, landscapes, abstracts, animals, still life, cartoons), please contact me with the information provided below.

Send me an email on :

Also visit my Facebook fan page :

Instagram: tigerzsu
Twitter: @tigerzsu
Fine Art America: Tigerzsu Art
Linked in : Zsuzsi Foroszan

Also pls come along to my upcoming exhibition about Cultures of London on the 27/03/2018, 7.30pm to The Rosmary , New Cross, 178 New Cross Road , SE14 5AA
Reserve your table on


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